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Oliver Hale

Lead Developer

  • BORN : May 9, 1986
  • EMAIL : oli@2dev.co.uk
  • MARITAL STATUS : Married

About me

  • A Father
  • A Coder
  • Team Leader
  • Linux Fan-Boy
  • Usability Evangelist
  • Tech Writer

Just a quick hello to say thank you for taking the time to read my online CV. I'm currently looking for exciting projects that can stretch my skills below is a short outline of the story so far as a web developer. I love hearing from people, so do get in touch!

Work History


Development Manager

SSL 247 Limited
MARCH 2015 - Present

I took this role initially as a backend developer, but after 12 months, I moved to lead developer. I have since progressed to development manager. Over the years, I have overseen a multitude of projects within its corporate online platform, including financial systems to online SSL certificate life cycle management.

The business grew, and so did its web development requirements. Initially a developer headcount of 3, it had developed to 5 developers, 1 QA and a Platform Support specialists. I have assisted in this transition while maintaining 17 websites in 8 languages globally.

A key component was working with several supplier API's and working with large corporates this involved regular calls with product owners technical teams across the world.

  • CakePHP 2-3
  • A Strong Security Ethic
  • Big Data Anaylsis
  • AWS Infrastructure

Lead Developer

Trades Super Site Limited
2010 - 2014

TradeSupermarket.com A price comparison website. As a Lead Developer, I managed the hiring and coaching of the development team, bridged the technical gap between the technical and non-technical parts of the business during projects.

I transitioned the business from all UK development team to an offshore but non-outsourced solution by providing onhand overseas hiring and management of developers in the Philippines.

  • CodeIgniter
  • Data Feed Management
  • AWS Infrastructure


September 2009 - September 2010

Iris Valet a device based in-room ordering service for the hotel industry. I assisted this businesses transition from bespoke accessories, to Apple Ipad development. I oversaw the hiring of key team members and allowed the business to adapt to changing markets.

  • Talent Hunting
  • Research & Development
  • Technological Transition

Developer & Director

Tower Bureau Limited
January 2008 - February 2011

Tower Bureau Ltd provided a brick n mortar development studio in south-west London serving small to medium size business. Business owners could discuss face to face their project requirements and give feedback to designs with ease. A larger company could hire developers on rolling weekly agreements. I grew this from 3 person team, including myself to 9 staff at our SW London office and a further five staff in Asia.

  • Professional Service Company
  • Weekly Rolling Subcontracting
  • Small Business website development

PHP Developer

2008 - 2009

Focusing heavily on lead generation and vetting Tradesmen websites, I was commissioned to develop a flexible, easy to use construction tenders online quoting tool.

  • Bespoke PHP Architecture
  • Jquery

Freelancer Developer

Surbiton WebDesign
2007- 2008

Working for several small businesses, I delivered a variety of website within several industries.

  • Plumbing & Construction
  • Health & Fitness
  • Leisure & Entertainment.

Co-founder & Developer

Raven Media
2004 -2007

Like many upstart techies of the naughties, we clambered for success in an industry in its infancy. I was no different, passionate about web development. I wanted to develop tools that enabled novices to create websites without extensive experience in the tech stack of the time. Competing with the likes of FrontPage and Dreamweaver, I wrote Custom WYSIWYG tools to help others create websites.

  • Honed my Linux Apache Mysql & PHP Skills
  • Developed automated to tools to deliver web hosting and web applications
  • Developed Skills in managing a business

Junior Web Developer (Part Time)

Oncus Clothing
APRIL 2001 - FEBRUARY 2003

While at school, I worked with A upstart company attempting to revolution teen skater fashion. We were competing with the likes of Quick Silver and Vans we had to think outside the box to deliver a fresh perspective. It was enjoyable working at Oncus, and I learnt a lot. Many of the staff were a lot older than me, but everyone was very supportive. I used many of them as role models and mentors to get me up to speed as a web developer.

  • Development of newsletter sign ups
  • Contact Forms
  • Content Management System Development
  • Worked London Tradeshows

Whenever I work for an organisation,

I'm striving to deliver positive change within the company.

By listening, engaging and supporting, I'm able to understand the fundamentals of the business. Over time this allows me to provide a positive impact. Ultimately this is how I gauge my success.

My Tech Stack

What I'm currently experienced with commercially.



Html & CSS deliver the user interface for any website or application. Maintaining a consistent and intuitive design is essential in providing high adoption and best use without relying on the high technical burden of the users. Bootstrap is an excellent framework for web application design.

With the rapid growth and complexity of website styling, SASS has helped make it more manageable.




Javascript & Frameworks


The latest Javascript Frameworks takes web development to the next level. It allows for non-linear user flows — self-updating information on the page and rapid prototyping of websites.

I'm thrilled to get to grips with new Javascript Frameworks. However, I have a strong foundation in Javascript itself and JQuery.



Node JS

Vue JS

Database Management


Working with Big Data is one of my biggest passions. I've had great opportunities to work vast data sets from my work at TradeSupermarket.com. Price comparison site of over 1.5 million prices updated daily. To Certificate Transparency log Analysis of the worlds SSL certificate globally garnering over 1.5 billion records and growing by a Million records daily.

Each data set comes with its challenges, and I approach with a variety of techniques to optimise and maintain the data. Sharding, Cache-ing, Search Keyword indexing services are just some of the methods I have applied in a commercial setting.



Solr / Sphinx / Elastisearch

Reporting & Data analysis

PHP & Frameworks


PHP now in its 24th year and I feel a strong contender. It has warded off Perl, ASP, Coldfusion. PHP is in use by millions of websites worldwide; I believe still an extremely great tool in anyone's arsenal.

I have developed with PHP since 2002 and have learnt version 4, 5 and 7. I'm excited about what will PHP 8 will bring to the table. I think what smoothes out some of the oddities of PHP is the many PHP Framework that helps deliver a consistent and structured application architecture.

PHP (4-7)


CakePHP (2-3)

Server Infrastruture


I have worked with server stacks Shared, dedicated to now cloud-based service products. I believe managing the infrastructure of which my web development projects are delivered from, is an integral part of providing a full end to end solution.

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work with several vendors solutions. Digital Ocean, Rackspace and Amazon Web Services have all shaped my skill set. I have worked commercially for ten years with AWS products and services.


EC2 - Spot / Reserved / On demand

Route 53 & Elastic Load Balancers

S3 & CloudFront


Project Management & Leadership


Every project needs structure and process to suit the organisation it serves. I find the best results are through leveraging team member skills providing a level of autonomy with a clear feedback loop.

I host a stand-up scrum every morning with team members trying to motivate and unblock wherever possible. Balancing the benefits of Milestone driven long term Road Map planning alongside daily Agile Development provides the best of both worlds.

Coaching, leadership & mentoring

Agile & Scrum Methologies

Milestone Driven Development





A variety of online resources

I believe learning should never stop! So I dedicate a lot of my weekends and evenings, to the learning of new technologies to assist delivery of web projects. Here are a few items I'm currently in the process of learning;

  • AWS Certification
  • A new Javascript Framework Per Month
  • Ever Changing Web Security Landscape Threats
  • Improvements in project methodologies Waterfall, Agile, Dev-Ops


Communicating as Leaders - Briter Minds
A part time 6 month, course by Briter Minds 2019

When working in web development, it is the people that deliver the project, not the technology. Therefore, communication and teamwork are critical skills for any lead within a project.

  • The Colour Method - Emotional Intelligence.
  • Change Management Strategy - Fisher's personal transition curve
  • Motivational Training
  • Goal & Objective Planning


Chartered Management Institute
3 Day intensive course 2018

I had the pleasure of being trained by the CMI in some of the most optimal people management techniques. Fostering personal improvement through a robust and structured feedback and monitoring process has allowed me to nurture talent amongst my team. Key skills covered;

  • Personal Development Plans.
  • 7 Core Behaviours
  • Leadership Development Model
  • 17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill


Esher College
1 year AS Course

While working part-time as a freelance developer, I attended college. I learnt essential skills that have helped my web development industry career countless times. Due to work commitments, I decided to leave early and not attend university.

  • Product Design Technology
  • ICT - Information Communication Technology
  • Business Studies
  • Theatre Studies


Hinchley Wood Secondary School
5 years reaching GCSE

While at school, I began my web development career, doing many website projects for family, friends, and even Oncus a clothing label when I was 15. The year was 2001, and after the dot com bubble burst of the early noughties, I knew I might have missed the opportunity to be in fulltime employment during the rise. However, I knew web development was the industry I wanted to devote my life too.

  • 9 Subject reaching at least a C
  • Work experience leading to part time evening and weekend employment commenced


Years Leading Developers


% Given


Years Dev Experience

Photo Portfolio - Do I Have any Hobbies?

Between being kneck deep in code and project management. I do photography for my full portfolio checkout my work at Unsplash - @4themorningshoot